1. The Insured or Traveling Companion is required to work during his/her scheduled Trip. He/she must provide proof of requirement to work, such as notarized statement signed by an officer of his/her employer.  In the situation of self-employment, proof of self-employment and a notarized statement confirming that the Insured is unable to travel due to his or her job obligations will be required;
  2. The Insured or Traveling Companion is directly involved in a merger, acquisition, government required product recall, or bankruptcy proceedings and must be currently employed by the company that is involved in said event;
  3. Strike resulting in complete cessation of travel services;
  4. The lnsured’s or Traveling Companion’s company is deemed to be unsuitable for business due to burglary, or Natural Disaster and the Insured or Traveling Companion is directly involved as a Key Employee of the disaster recovery team;
  5. Your transfer by the employer with whom You are employed on the Effective Date of insurance which requires Your principal residence to be relocated more than 250 miles;
  6. You or Your Traveling Companion are terminated, or laid off from employment, from a place of employment for which You have been employed for the past 2 consecutive years;
  7. The primary or secondary school where You or Your Traveling Companion attend(s) must extend its operating session beyond the pre-defined school year, due to Unforeseen events commencing during the Policy effective period, and the travel dates for the Covered Trip fall within the period of the school year extension. Extensions due to extracurricular or athletic events are not covered.