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Travel protected with My Choice Damage protection and book with confidence, knowing that you can be reimbursed for the damages if you accidentally break something in your vacation rental.

My Choice is the ideal solution for today’s traveler and a fitting complement to Play Travel trip cancellation insurance.  My Choice responds to guest-caused damages in the rental unit like broken furniture or appliances, spills on carpets or upholstery, and much more.

Should you or your traveling companions cause direct physical damage to the real property or contents of your vacation rental unit during your stay and lose your security deposit, My Choice damage protection responds with reimbursement up to the limit listed on your policy document (DOC).

My Choice responds when you accidentally cause damage to items such as:

  • The alterations, appliances, fixtures, and improvements that are part of the unit rent such as:
    • Cracked TV screen.
    • Ripped upholstery.
    • Broken chair leg.
    • A wine spill staining a cushion.
  • Items of real property that pertain exclusively to the unit [the Insured is] registered in. Such as:
    • marred flooring or
    • damaged drywall.

How it works.

As a guest protected by your purchase of My Choice Damage protection, should you or your traveling companions cause damage to the vacation rental unit and/or its contents, it’s just 3 easy steps to get reimbursed:

  1. Report the damage to the property management staff by the scheduled check-out date.

If you lose any portion of their security deposit due to the damages or otherwise pay for the repairs or replacement,

  1. Simply call the claims unit or fill out the online claims form and provide the supporting documentation requested.
  2. Receive direct reimbursement for approved claims in the mail within a few days

Then book again, remembering to add My Choice Damage Protection to your next stay.

Limits and Pricing Structure:

  • Damage Protection Coverage Available Limits: $1,500; and $3,000.
  • The cost of the program paid by the purchasing traveler is:
$1,500 Limit $3,000 Limit
$39.00 $59.00


Duration:  protection for each purchase is in effect for the occupancy period listed on the booking agreement. The maximum trip length eligible is 180 days.

Eligibility: Available to residents of the US.

The following exclusions apply to Voluntary Damage Protection:

Any Loss resulting from the following is excluded:

  1. Acts of God;
  2. Intentional acts;
  3. Gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct;
  4. Any cause, [resulting from] normal wear and tear;
  5. Loss of use of the Timeshare unit;
  6. Damage to any property owned by or brought onto the premises by You or a Family Member or Traveling Companion(s);
  7. Property damage resulting from any motorized conveyance, vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft operated by You or a Family Member or Traveling Companion(s).

Insureds must refer to their policy for coverage terms and conditions.

My Choice Voluntary Damage Protection is underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companies and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, OH. For residents of Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, and Washington only: My Choice damage protection is a program offered by your travel supplier and backed by an insurance policy underwritten by certain underwriters and Lloyds of London and issued to PAC7 Systems, LLC.