Travel Protection for Residents of Canada

Travel Protection Program for Canadian Residents traveling to world-wide locations (unless subject to published travel restrictions) can be obtained through CanAM. This unique program bundles protection against risks incidental to planned travel such as cancellation, delay, and interruption. Additionally, travel assistance services such as identity theft resolution, concierge service, and political and natural disaster evacuation may be included.

Schedule of Benefits

Listing of Benefits Maximum Limits
Trip Cancellation 100% of Trip Cost up to $100,000*
Cancel For Any Reason** Optional - Up to 60% of Non-Refundable Trip cost*
Trip Interruption 100% of Trip Cost up to $100,000*
Trip Delay $600 ($200 per day maximum, Minimum 6 hours delay)
Baggage/Personal Effects
Per Article Limit
Combined Articles Limit
Baggage Delay (12 hours) $1,000
Emergency Medical Evaluation/Medically Necessary Repatriation/Repatriation of Remains $250,000
Emergency Travel Assistance Included

*Up to the lesser of the Trip cost paid or the limit of Coverage on Your Confirmation of Benefits
**Cancel For Any Reason travel protection must be purchased for the 60% CFAR benefit. Trip cancellation must be done 2 or more days before scheduled arrival for the benefit to apply.

Maximum trip length for coverage is up to 90 days.
Coverage is not eligible for residents of Quebec.

Travel Protection Underwritten by Northbridge Insurance
105 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1P9, Canada.

Travel Protection Offered by CanAm Special Risk Insurance Agency (2018) Limited
PO Box 62, Station A Windsor, Ontario N9A 6J5

24/7 Travel Assistance Services

24/7 Travel Assistance Services includes Medical Emergency, Concierge Service, Business Concierge, Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation. Please contact Active Care Management (aka the Assistance Company).


ACTIVE CARE MANAGEMENT (aka Assistance Company) IMMEDIATELY toll-free at 1-877-251-4525 or collect where available at 519-251-7804

For non-emergency assistance needs, the Assistance Company can also be contacted via email at [email protected].

Active Care Management
3355 Munich Court
Windsor, Ontario N8N 5G2
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 1-877-251-4525
Local: 519-251-7804

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Claims Contact

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